OSWELL Gluta Maxx Food Supplement 60 Chewable Tablets

70.00 AED

✅Remove Pimples
✅Remove Blemishes, Acne
✅Cleanse Internal Organ
✅Contains Gluta – Glutathione that is proven to be an effective for skin whitening and moisturizing; Antioxidant to remove free radical and prevent aging
✅Contains Vitamin C – Helps to enhance the activity of glutathione
✅Contains Grape Skin Extract with Resveratrol–Delayed Aging; maintains skin elasticity; has anti-inflammation and moisturizing effect that fight and clear acne
✅Contains Roselle – Improve skin hydration and reduce wrinkles
✅Acerola Extract – Increases the production of Collagen; Improves Immunity; Rich in Antioxidants to prevent Celluar Aging
✅Contains Camu extract – Fights pigmentation fast, Effective for skin Glowing

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