Blem Dr The Ultimate Pekas Cream Helps Reduce the Appearance of Freckles, Dark Spots & Melasma 15g

20.00 AED

It cleanses the skin of toxins to leave a brightened and healthy skin.
Removes Melasma or Pekas effectively. Lighten dark spots. Balancing skin tone.
Lightens hyper pigmentation caused by over sun exposure.
It repairs the skin’s natural barrier to promote a smooth and supple skin. Sensitive Skin friendly.
Safe for ages above 18 years old, pregnant woman, and lactating moms.
More info: Skin condition known as melasma/Pekas is a common, patchy brown, tan
or blue-gray skin discoloration due to overprod­uction of pigment on the skin.
Pekas typically results from sun exposure and hormonal changes in women due to progesterone and estrogen.

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