Dear Face Glow Rejuvenating Set

35.00 AED

Dear Face Glow Rejuvenating Set

a potent micro peeling set with perfect mix of powerful fruit acids that effectively sloughs off dull and dead skin cells showing radiant, glowing and healthy skin!

It’s a powerful anti pimple and blemish fader set. Packed with safe amount of fruit acids that will make your skin clear and spotless! Powered by Mandelic Acid which helps to regulate sebum production, unclog pores and reduce skin inflammation. As well as Malic Acid that effectively sloughs dead skin cells, provides intense hydration and improve smoothness of the skin.

Our one of a kind unique formula will surely make your skin glow as early as 7 days!

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No. 9 in Dear Face

No. 19 in Rejuvenating Set

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